Stellar Pop was created with the intention of providing a healthy summer treat that has nutritional value and lots of flavor! We were founded in 2016 and since then we have not given up on that goal. Our popsicles are USDA organic certified and made with fresh, local ingredients. You can find our popsicles around Portland at farmers markets, for sale at Portland Juice Co. and other events. We are a sister company to Portland Juice Co. which shares our commitment to a healthy lifestyle and the belief that healthy should be delicious!


Ingredients: Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Orange Juice, Coconut Water

Stellar Pops Mars Organic Ice Pop Pineapple Mango Orange Coconut


Ingredients: Strawberry, Lemon, Honey, Water

Stellar Pops Neptune Organic Ice Pop Strawberry Lemonade Honey


Ingredients: Watermelon, Sugar, Lime

Stellar Pops Pluto Organic Ice Pop Watermelon Lime Sugar


Ingredients: Lemon, Lime, Xylitol (What Is Xylitol?)

Stellar Pops Venus Organic Ice Pop Lemon Lime Xylitol


Ingredients: Blueberry, Peach, Sugar, Water, Vanilla Bean

Stellar Pops Saturn Organic Ice Pop Blueberry Peach Sugar Vanilla Bean


Ingredients: Coffee, Sugar, Hazelnut, Cacao

Stellar Pops Jupiter Organic Ice Pop Coffee Sugar Hazelnut Cacao


Does your next party need some frozen treats and a rainbow umbrella?

We can bring our icicle tricycle to your party or any event! It’s not a party without some pops!

Please fill out our event form and we will get back to you shortly.

Stellar Pops Organic Popsicle Tricycle

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Stellar Pop ice pops are available through our sister-company shop at The Portland Juice Co. on 1212 SE Powell Blvd. Portland OR 97202.

We can also be reached via [email protected] and 503.662.7202