Where can I buy your popsicles? Our popsicles can be found at several farmers markets around Portland and are available for purchase at Portland Juice Co. Also, if you’d like Stellar Pop to be available for sale at an event, you can email us!


Do you deliver these popsicles? Yes! We deliver these popsicles every day of the week.


How do I find you at the farmers market? Look for the rainbow umbrella!


Which farmers markets are you at? On Saturdays, you can find us at the PSU and Lake Oswego Farmers Market. Every Wednesday, we are at the Moreland Farmers Market.


Can Stellar Pop come to an event or party? Yes! Because our bicycles are mobile, we can bring Stellar Pop to you! For inquiries about events please email us at [email protected]


Are your popsicles organic? Yes! Our popsicles are certified organic by the Oregon Tilth and the USDA


What is xylitol? Xylitol is used as a sugar substitute. It is made from the sap of a birch tree! As a result, it has fewer calories, doesn’t raise blood sugar levels, and is commonly used in oral-care and diabetes-friendly foods.


How do your popsicles stay cold at the farmers markets and events? Our icicle tricycle is able to keep our popsicles chilled and solid for hours with a combination of insulation and ice!