Xylitol is one of our favorite sugar substitutes! We include it in our Venus pop to sweeten the lemon-lime flavor. Made from the sap of a birch tree, xylitol has numerous health benefits!

Xylitol Oral Care

This sugar substitute is often recommend by dentists to help prevent cavities and other forms of tooth decay. It can even help prevent common dental infections that are often caused by the excess consumption of sugars. Also, plaque and saliva levels can be reduced with the regular consumption of xylitol, meaning you will develop less tartar and have happier teeth!

Diabetic Friendly

Because xylitol does not raise insulin or blood sugar levels, it is safe sugar alternative for diabetics. This is a result of xylitol’s low glycemic index. Diabetics often have to be conscious of the amount of glucose they consume. While this is the primary source of our body’s energy, we often consume far too much glucose than is healthy. Asa result, by replacing some of your common sugars with xylitol, it will help protect your blood sugar levels and lower the amount of glucose you put in your body.

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